Our standard clear coating is done in a 2-step process that results in the helmet having a perfectly smooth, glass-like finish. However, we offer three different finishes for you to choose from. Gloss, Satin, or a combination of both. Please read about these finishes below so that you may make an educated decision on what you would like us to use on your helmet.


1 :: Gloss Finish

The Gloss finish is the same glossy finish that you have on your car, which is very durable and easy to wash, polish, and keep clean. This is the standard finish that we offer on our helmets which is included in the Base Price. We use a very high-quality House of Kolor clear coat which makes a massive difference in the strength of the clear and the clarity of the colors and shine of your helmet. This three part clear coat is very expensive (close to $200 a gallon), however we choose to use it as we wouldn't finish our helmets with anything less than the best product. Below is an example of our Gloss Finish.




2 :: Satin Finish

The Satin finish gives your helmet a silky look that can be very appealing and unique. We prefer to use a Satin finish, as opposed to a Matte finish, as it is easier to keep clean and doesn't have a "chalky" look that Matte finishes typically have. Matte finishes also mark very easily from being rubbed, scratched, or hit. Satin finishes are typically more resilient to this type of wear. Satin finishes incur an up-charge as it is an extra step over top of our 2-step clear coating system. Below is an example of our Satin Finish.




3 :: Gloss / Satin Combination

The Gloss / Satin Combination finish is the ultimate choice in truly making your helmet stand out from the crowd, as it adds another level of detail and aesthetic. The beauty of this finish is that it lets you get more creative with the graphics and colors of your helmet on another level. We can keep specific sections of your helmet Satin, while others remain Gloss. A fine example of this detail is shown below, where the black section has Gloss black striping details surrounded by Satin black. Combination finishes incur an up-charge as it is an extra step over top of our 2-step clear coating system. It is also dependent on the amount of masking and details that you wish to have.