The most important aspect of your team, other than results to potential sponsors, is the teams image. This comprises of several different pieces coming together to create the "brand" of the team. The livery of the car, transporters, team & driver gear, and even your pit equipment must be cohesive to reflect a professional and marketable appearance that is respected, admired and appreciated by sponsors and fans alike. Your Team Livery is your identity.

Brett King Design works closely with our clients to understand what brand image they are looking to convey to their peers and the racing community. This understanding of direction is key to a successful collaboration which will ensure success in looking like a highly successful and competitive team. In our first meeting we will cover all details of the team and it's sponsors. The driver, car, and series that the team will be competing in. We will cover colors, logo placement, and many other key factors that will all come together to achieve the ultimate livery design for your team or car.

The designs are drawn up with 5 different views of the vehicle which are done to scale as they will be referenced off of a blueprinted drawing of your vehicle. Once the design is completed you may do 2 revisions to the design which are included in the quoted price. Any other extra additions to the drawing, like adding new logos or doing more changes beyond the 2 included are subject to extra charges.

Your approved and finalized artwork is supplied to you in a vector file which is ready for your wrapping shop, or printer, to lay out on their templates and print.

It is our primary goal and mission to completely stun you and your competition with your final livery design. It is imperative that people remember your livery and that they can easily pick you out from the rest of the grid.



Livery Design pricing is dependent upon the scale and complexity of the design and must be quoted per your input and design details. To obtain your quote, please contact us via e-mail with your design information.



We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Check, Credit Card, PayPal, or Wire Bank Transfer.*

*For all International orders we only accept Wire Bank Transfers which also will include a $15.00 service fee. We do not accept American Express.



Turn-around time depends on season and workload. The system we use for scheduling is a simple “first come first serve” basis. If you wish to have your design by a specific date, this will incur a Rush Service fee depending on your desired return date and our workload. This fee varies, so please contact us for the current estimated completion schedule.



For more information and quotes regarding livery, please contact us at: