To figure out exactly what we’ll be doing for you, we’ll need you to answer the questions below for us in your initial e-mail. This way when you contact us for the first time, we can get started much more efficiently.

  1. Do you have a helmet already, or will you be purchasing one from us ?  We are capable of painting helmets that have previously been painted, however this will incur a refinishing fee. Please note that we would prefer to work with a new helmet as we feel that the quality of the finished product will be higher. We cannot paint helmets that are coated with black rubberized finishes.
  2. If you will be purchasing a helmet from us, please let us know which make, model, and size you will need. We carry ARAIBELL, and STILO helmets. If you need help determining what size you need, please give us a call and we can help you figure that out as well.
  3. Please let us know which accessories you would like to purchase for the helmet. We have mirrored / smoked visors, wings, wickers, colored bolt kits, custom visor strips, clear intakes and vents, and many other accessories to choose from.
  4. Do you have a current design that you would like to start with, or do you want us to come up with something new and different for you ? You can supply us with photos, drawings, or a description of what you’re looking for. Don’t think that you just have to look at other helmets either. Remember that you can get inspiration from many different things all around you!
  5. Please define which colors you would like us to use from our COLOR LIBRARY or provide us with Pantone® color codes. If you wish we can also custom mix colors if you don’t see something you like.
  6. If you are unsure about what you want or if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us our opinion so we can suggest the products that we feel may suit your needs the best.



Once we’ve defined what it is you’re looking for, we will submit you a written quote via e-mail within 24 hours. Quote requests that are submitted over weekends or holidays will be answered the following business day.



Once the quote is approved, we will need you to call us to place your deposit. Deposits consist of 100% payment of any product purchased, and 50% of the paint work to be done. You can pay the deposit via Credit Card, PayPal, Check, or Cash.



Once the deposit is received, you will be placed in queue for the design stage. The design is typically done 2-3 weeks prior to your estimated helmet deadline. If you would like to modify your design comp once received, one modification is included for free. Any additional changes are subject to design fees, so please be very specific of your needs before we begin.

It is required for you to select the colors for your helmet from our COLOR LIBRARY, or provide us with Pantone® color codes. Failure to do so waives our responsibility to change the color once the helmet is completed.


STEP  5  ::  PAINT

Once the design is approved and the colors are chosen, we are ready to begin painting your helmet !


Prior to shipping the helmet back to you we will need the balance payment made in full. This may be done with cash, check or credit card. We will call you once we are ready to receive your payment or make payment arrangements.



We ship domestically with FedEx and internationally with DHL, so please let us know how fast you would like your helmet returned. Please remember as well that the client is responsible for all shipping costs. We can let you know what the various shipping costs will be prior to shipping. You may also pick up your helmet from our shop in person if you are local.



If you wish to have an update or questions throughout the process please send us an email instead of calling the shop. We will get back to you within 24 hours and let you know how things are going with your order. Please do not ask for updates more than once a week and refrain from photo requests prior to completion.

We will post photos of your helmet on our FACEBOOK page soon after completion, and notify you of them being posted.