We exclusively use HOUSE OF KOLOR® paints for the best in durability, quality, color, and shine. HOUSE OF KOLOR® is the number one brand of custom paint in the world. It's the best of the best.

To avoid any confusion, miscommunication or disappointment we have assembled this Color Library for your convenience and peace of mind. Please take your time to pick and choose the exact paint colors you would like us to use for your helmet.

In addition to the colors shown below we also offer Chrome and Metal Flake bases, as well as Semi-Matte and Gloss clear coat finishes. When these special bases and clear coat techniques are used in conjunction with the colors below, there are some amazing effects that can be achieved to truly give you a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.



Shimrin®   Solid          Colors

Black White Blue Blood Lemon Yellow Chrome Yellow Turquoise Pink Kosmos Red

Molly Orange Euro Red Maltise Maroon So Blue Marine Blue Lavender Green


Shimrin® Designer Pearls

Sunrise Sunset Tangelo Persimmon Razberry Pink Ketchme Kopper Trublue

Majik Blue Limetime Hot Pink Violette Sherwood Platinum Black Snowhite

Cocoa Pearl Cherry Lime Gold Medium Teal Lite Teal Real Teal Emerald Green Lake Violet

Orange Passion Bitter Sweet Red Magenta


Shimrin® Glamour Metallics

Solar Gold Orion Silver Galaxy Grey Stratto Blue Lapis Blue Meteor Maroon Gamma Gold Nova Orange

Planet Green Pavo Purple Cinder Red Zenith Gold


Shimrin® Neons

Yellow Neon
Pink Neon Orange Neon Red Neon Magenta Neon Blue Neon Green Neon Chartreuse Neon

Honey Neon Vermillion Neon Violet Neon


Shimrin® Kandy Basecoats

Brandy Wine Lime Gold Wild Cherry Oriental Blue Colbalt Blue Burgundy Root Beer Tangerine

Organic Green Purple Apple Red Pagan Gold Burple Spanish Gold Teal Magenta

Violette Pink Scarlet Persimmon Majestic