Innovative and original design is our objective for each bespoke helmet that is hand-crafted in our Helmet Studio. Timeless artwork that is tailored to your style, while reflecting your identity well into the future.


We take great pride in our high-quality craftsmanship. Everything is done with extreme precision and meticulous attention to detail. We strive for nothing short of perfection, which is why we're considered to be one of the very best custom helmet design studios in the world.







Please review the questions below, and include your responses in your initial e-mail. This way when we contact you for the first time, we can get started much more efficiently.

Do you have a helmet already, or will you be purchasing one from us? 

We are capable of painting helmets that have previously been painted, however this will incur a refinishing fee. Please note that we prefer to work with new helmets as we feel that the quality of the finished product will be higher.

If you will be purchasing a helmet from us, please let us know which make, model, and size you will need. We carry ARAIBELL, and STILO helmets. If you need help determining what size you need, please give us a call and we can help guide you.

Please let us know which accessories you would like to purchase for the helmet.

We have mirrored and tinted shields, aero wings, wickers, radio kits, colored bolt kits, custom BKD visor strips, and many other accessories to choose from.

Do you have a current design that you would like to start with, or do you want us to come up with something new and different for you ?

You can supply us with photos, drawings, or a description of what you’re looking for. Remember that you can get inspiration from many different things all around you, not just helmets!

Please choose which colors you would like from our COLOR LIBRARY. You may also provide us with PANTONE, or OEM Car Manufacturer color codes.



Once we’ve defined what it is you’re looking for, we will call you to discuss the project details. Once the Design Deposit is submitted, we will set-up a Design Consultation call to discuss your Helmet Design and Colors in detail.



Once the Design Deposit is received, and we have completed your Design Consultation, you will be placed in queue for the Design Stage. Once your Helmet Design is completed, we will contact you to set-up the second Phone Consultation to present you with your Helmet Design, and discuss it in full detail.

If you would like to modify your design once you have reviewed it, two design modifications are included. Any additional changes are subject to design fees, so please be very specific of your needs before when we discuss these details.

The Helmet Design must be approved prior to your helmet being scheduled for the Paint Studio. 



Once the Helmet Design is approved we will submit your Helmet Estimate. We require the balance payment to be made in full to schedule your helmet for the Paint Studio. Payment can be made over the phone. You may also pay with Cash, Check, or Credit Card.



We are ready to begin painting your helmet! We will provide you with Color Samples at this time to confirm the actual colors we will use on your helmet. We will also provide you with photo updates of the helmet prior to the first clear coat process, and a second update photo before we assemble your helmet. 



We ship domestically with FedEx and internationally with DHL. Please let us know which service you would like to your helmet returned with. The client is responsible for all shipping costs, taxes and any duties. We will let you know what the various shipping options and costs will be prior to shipping.


For more information on our bespoke Helmet Studio services, please contact us at : 






Our standard clear coating is done in a 2-step process that results in the helmet having a perfectly smooth, glass-like finish. However, we offer three different finishes for you to choose from. Gloss, Satin, or a combination of both. Please read about these finishes below so that you may make an educated decision on what you would like us to use on your helmet.





The Gloss finish is the same glossy finish that you have on your car, which is very durable and easy to wash, polish, and keep clean. This is the standard finish that we offer on our helmets which is included in the Base Price. We use a very high-quality PPG clear coat which makes a massive difference in the strength and durability of the clear, and the clarity of the colors and shine of your helmet. This three part clear coat is very expensive (close to $400 a gallon), however we choose to use it as we wouldn't finish our helmets with anything less than the best product. Above is an example of our Gloss Finish.






The Satin finish gives your helmet a silky look that can be very appealing and unique. We prefer to use a Satin finish, as opposed to a Matte finish, as it is easier to keep clean and doesn't have a "chalky" look that Matte finishes typically have. Matte finishes also mark very easily from being rubbed, scratched, or hit. Satin finishes are typically more resilient to this type of wear. Satin finishes incur an up-charge as it is an extra step over top of our 2-step clear coating system. Above is an example of our Satin Finish.






The Gloss / Satin Combination finish is the ultimate choice in truly making your helmet stand out from the crowd, as it adds another level of detail and aesthetic. The beauty of this finish is that it lets you get more creative with the graphics and colors of your helmet on another level. We can keep specific sections of your helmet Satin, while others remain Gloss. A fine example of this detail is shown below, where the black section has Gloss black striping details surrounded by Satin black. Combination finishes incur an up-charge as it is an extra step over top of our 2-step clear coating system. It is also dependent on the amount of masking and details that you wish to have.  Above is an example of our Gloss / Satin Finish.






We exclusively use PPG® Deltron Paint and Polyurethane Clear coats, in addition to HOUSE OF KOLOR® Neon Paint for the best in quality, durability, vibrancy, and shine.

In addition to the colors shown below we also offer Chrome and Metal Flake bases. When combined with our Gloss, Satin, or combination Satin / Gloss clear coat finishes, amazing effects can be achieved to truly give you an incredible piece of art.

To avoid any confusion, miscommunication or disappointment we have assembled this Color Library for your convenience and peace of mind. Please take your time to pick and choose the exact paint colors you would like us to use for your helmet.



Black White Blue Blood Lemon Yellow Chrome Yellow Turquoise Pink Kosmos Red

Molly Orange Euro Red Maltise Maroon So Blue Marine Blue Lavender Green



Sunrise Sunset Tangelo Persimmon Razberry Pink Ketchme Kopper Trublue

Majik Blue Limetime Hot Pink Violette Sherwood Platinum Black Snowhite

Cocoa Pearl Cherry Lime Gold Medium Teal Lite Teal Real Teal Emerald Green Lake Violet

Orange Passion Bitter Sweet Red Magenta



Solar Gold Orion Silver Galaxy Grey Stratto Blue Lapis Blue Meteor Maroon Gamma Gold Nova Orange

Planet Green Pavo Purple Cinder Red Zenith Gold



Yellow Neon Pink Neon Orange Neon Red Neon Magenta Neon Blue Neon Green Neon Chartreuse Neon

Honey Neon Vermillion Neon Violet Neon



Brandy Wine Lime Gold Wild Cherry Oriental Blue Colbalt Blue Burgundy Root Beer Tangerine

Organic Green Purple Apple Red Pagan Gold Burple Spanish Gold Teal Magenta

Violette Pink Scarlet Persimmon Majestic