Innovative and original design is our goal for every helmet that enters the shop. Not conforming to current trends, but rather to take them and evolve them forward with the BKD touch. Each helmet we are commissioned to paint is much more than a painted helmet. It is a true work for art that is tailored to you, it's owner. Your helmet design should be an extension of your personality and style, something that is truly unique like you.

Our custom helmet designs are unrivaled in the helmet painting industry. We also take great pride in our high-quality workmanship, as everything is done with extreme precision and unrivaled attention to detail. From dis-assembly all the way through to the final wipe down after the helmet is assembled and polished. We strive for nothing short of perfection. Which is why we're considered to be one of, if not the very best custom helmet shop in the world.

Brett King Design exclusively uses world-renowned House of Kolor paints and clear-coat on every custom helmet that we produce. So you can be assured that the absolute best custom paint available on the planet is being utilized on your investment. This respect for high-quality materials translates into increased paint durability, color, vibrancy, and shine.

To ensure the highest quality finish, we clear coat our helmets with a two-stage process. The first stage includes a minimum of 4 coats of clear after the color and graphics have been laid down. The helmet is then wet-sanded to be perfectly flat and smooth, followed by the second stage with 3 more coats of clear. The helmet is then inspected and polished to achieve a perfect show quality finish.



All custom paint pricing is quoted per your design details, as every helmet is bespoke to your needs. Pricing is dependent on the complexity of the design and special finishes. Chrome and Metal Flake bases, Gold / Silver Leaf, special detailing and patterns, 3D airbrushing, blueprinting details, characters, painted logos, and our various clear coat finishes are all optional additions that you may choose.

To obtain your custom quote, please review our Process page prior to contacting us via e-mail with your information.



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