Ever since I was a kid, I always loved racing. All types of racing. BMX, motocross, mountain biking, boarder-X, autocross, karting and more...

I started racing motocross when I was 15, and naturally soon after I wanted a custom-painted helmet. One like all my racing heroes had. But I couldn’t afford a Troy Lee paint job and there weren’t any other options in Western Canada. My father Martin, an experienced body shop painter, encouraged me to take a crack at it.

So I did. With spray paint and the cheap airbrush my dad had given me, I painted my first helmet. That started me on the path to paint all my friends’ motocross helmets. I continued painting them full-time for the next few years painting for local riders and many professionals in several different sports.

At some point, I started to follow a reverse path than most when it comes to racing on two wheels. I went from motocross to BMX in my early 20s, and within a couple years I turned pro. I also started painting helmets for factory BMX racing teams including GT, Powerlite, Haro, Mongoose, SE Racing and Parkpre, among others. Soon I expanded into paint and design work for many other companies, teams and athletes all over North America.

This lead me to an opportunity to move to Southern California to take the lead on graphics, design, and corporate image for a new start-up company. This company evolved into Felt Bicycles, which I was the Creative Director at for several years. I gained a mountain of experience and knowledge about business, marketing, manufacturing, sales and distribution during my time there, which is something that I feel very fortunate to have experienced.

All these experiences have motivated me to build a brand with the image, style, quality and authenticity that people desire. I want my customers to be proud to own a Brett King Design helmet, graphic or product. It’s all about combining the very best in style, quality, design and personalized service. It sounds cliché, but it’s what I strive for in work and in life.

We’ve all heard the advice: Do what you love for a living. Well, I’m doing it. I hope you love my work as much as I love doing it !